The meals are so tasty and the meat is always good quality, I felt assured as well that I was consuming proper free-range chicken which was important for me, as I wanted the best ingredients to recover quicker 🙂

Y. Chan

The food is so delicious! Just love having my daily meals in the tiffin containers, always makes me feel like home.

L. Goh

Many thanks for your great service, we are blessed to have invaluable support from you guys. We definitely underestimated the effort needed to take care of our baby. All the best!

C. Lee

Big thank you to Healthy Mummies for providing this service to the UK’s Chinese community. Just in time for us as we just had our first baby, and we cannot be more than grateful for your help!

D. Sung

Great food, prompt service. Definitely recommending to my friends!

E. Zhou

I always look forward to my daily lunches and dinners, and the delivery service is always on time too. Definitely recommended, it made my first month as a mum a lot more relaxing and I can focus on my baby too.

J. Li

Thank you for the nourishing soups and drinks, especially the papaya soup. I really needed it! Especially it is my first child and I’m not home in China.

A. Chen

Thank you for the amazing food and prompt service. Such a great relief to have postnatal food in the UK!

C. Wong

I will miss your black vinegar pig trotters and black fungus chicken! It reminds me of my first postnatal confinement back home.

P. Tsang