About us

Our mission is to create a support network for new mums, by starting with nourishing and delicious Chinese postnatal confinement food.

Jo Neoh  Co-founder

Cooking has always been my passion, especially when it is made with love. I find joy in rediscovering old classic postnatal confinement recipes, and bringing out the creative side of me in modernising these for the women of today. I am happy to be able to provide nutritiously dense postnatal confinement food to new mummies in a busy and bustling city where self-love and rest is often overlooked.

Macy Ng Co-founder

I am a qualified pharmacist and have spent over 16 years in hospital, industrial and community sectors. I believe passionately that every mother should have a proper traditional confinement period after giving birth to regain their optimum strength and energy. It is essential for the mother to feel happy and joyful while she is preparing to move into a new beginning of motherhood. I also believe that keeping our traditions alive keeps us connected to our own roots.