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Welcome to the UK’s first premium postnatal confinement food delivery service


We understand the importance of taking care of yourself after childbirth, whilst following the traditional Chinese confinement traditions. Our vision is to support new mums with their postnatal recovery, providing the support to enable you to spend more time with your baby and yourself.

We specialise in providing delicious and healthy premium confinement meals right to your doorstep. Daily meals are delivered in insulated bento containers. Our packages are carefully designed to ensure that you receive the necessary nutrients during each stage of your recovery. We actively refine and improve our recipes to deliver meals that provides the nutrients and great taste.

Relax and recuperate in the comfort of your home, knowing that your daily meals for the next 28 days are freshly made with carefully chosen quality ingredients.



Healthy Mummies co-founder Macy Ng was delighted to be featured in the recent BBC World News discussion on Chinese Postnatal Confinement Traditions, check us out in the video below!


Let us take care of you for your first 28 days

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